Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. is weirdly close to his dentist

Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. is weirdly close to his dentist

Is your dentist on your speed dial? Or is the number you have for him or her at least one they could text back from, as opposed to an office landline?

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Apparently, for Dale Earnhardt Jr., the answer to at least the latter is yes.

He and his former crew chief Steve Letarte seem to think texting your dentist is normal, but we might have to add this to the list of things that make Dale Jr. exceptional. (He also has a gas pump on his property, seldom carries a wallet and retired from racing with an estimated $410 million in earnings.)

"Most people would want and probably do have their dentist’s phone number," Earnhardt said on his Dale Jr. Download podcast. "I would put him in the top two most important people in my life."

His wife, Amy, is presumably number one.

And sure, many and maybe most people have their dentist’s phone number, but is it a cellphone number or an office line? That seems like a no.

Earnhardt continued the discussion on Twitter on Tuesday.


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