‘Handmaid’ Hysteria? Cloaked Activists Protest Mike Pence in Colorado as Dystopian Drama Spurs Left

‘Handmaid’ Hysteria? Cloaked Activists Protest Mike Pence in Colorado as Dystopian Drama Spurs Left

COLORADO SPRINGS— At first glance it looked as if a dozen pilgrims had a problem with Vice President Mike Pence’s speech Friday at Focus on the Family, but the women wearing red cloaks and white bonnets had nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

They were dressed as characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the Hulu series that premiered April 26 based on the 1985 feminist dystopian novel that has been embraced by the left, fueling a recent rash of costumed protests aimed at reviving the “war on women” message.

Ryan Barry, board president of United Colorado Springs, said the point was to “send a bit of a shocking message” by comparing the Trump administration and Focus on the Family to the Republic of Gilead, the totalitarian religious theocracy depicted in the show.

“If you know anything about the show, it’s kind of a dystopian future, a fundamentalist society,” said Mr. Barry. “I think they were drawing parallels between those two things and using pop culture as a way of making a commentary on the political situation right now.”

Friday’s demonstration outside Focus on the Family followed similar displays in Texas and Ohio, where bands of women dressed as handmaids have taken to the state capitols to protest anti-abortion legislation.

At a June 13 hearing in Columbus, Ohio, 16 women wearing handmaid garb sat in the front row of a committee hearing on Senate Bill 145, which would allow women undergoing abortions to recover damages from doctors who dismember the fetus during the procedure.

That’s a far cry from the plot line of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in which the few remaining fertile women are enslaved and forced to bear the children of the male rulers, but the pro-choice movement has insisted that the comparison is valid.

“The handmaids are forced to give birth and, in so many cases, because of all the restrictions on abortion access, women in Ohio and across the country are being forced to give birth,” said Jaime Miracle, deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, in Cleveland.com.

President Trump hasn’t been spared. After the Colorado Springs protest, Occupy Democrats described “The Handmaid’s Tale” as a “dark, disturbing literary work that, as these women remind us, hits uncomfortably close to home in Trump and Pence’s America.”

“I think people are finding it so relevant and so frightening [with] what’s happening now, is because it feels like those things are sort of being put into place,” said the show’s star, Elisabeth Moss, in a Thursday interview with Netflix talk-show host Chelsea Handler.

Conservatives, meanwhile, have rolled their eyes at the “hysteria,” as columnist Heather Wilhelm put it, arguing that their commitment to slashing big government would seem to preclude a totalitarian takeover.

“I’ve had a packed social schedule and, as the old saying goes, you never notice the brutal rise of a women-enslaving dystopia when you’re attending a gala celebrating successful female entrepreneurs just a few blocks down from a clinic that cheerfully offers almost-free government-subsidized IUDs!” cracked Ms. Wilhelm in National Review.

Colorado’s Revealing Politics poked fun at the Colorado Springs “handmaids” with a video showing them focused on their phones.

“Apparently, dressing as the oppressed women from this fantasy movie? TV show? activist webinar? was meant to show the Vice President that women were passionately displeased by his existence,” said the conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics.

“Instead, they showed him that their passion for equality (is that what they’re protesting?) can be tamed by one thing – their cell phones,” said Peak.

Mr. Pence, speaking at the 40th anniversary celebration of Focus on the Family, reiterated the administration’s support for eliminating the federal government’s annual half-billion in funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“And later this summer, when we repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re going to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all,” said Mr. Pence to cheers at the invitation-only event, which was shown online and drew a crowd of about 1,600.

The first U.S. vice president to appear at Focus on the Family, Mr. Pence commended the Christian organization for providing support for pregnant women.

“Life is winning through the generosity of millions of adoptive families, who open their hearts and their homes to children in need,” Mr. Pence said. “And life is winning through the compassion of caregivers and volunteers at crisis pregnancy centers and faith-based organizations, like Focus on the Family, that provide and support for women in cities and towns all across the country.”

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If you have to explain your protest then your point is probably lost on those you’re protesting against.

It looks to me as if at least one of those ‘hand maidens’ in the picture above is sporting a beard…LOL

Anyone else betting they have no idea what they’re protesting?

TDS is mutating…….the liberals are becoming completely unglued.

and they want the right to vote!!!????

Maybe they should dress as cheap hookers when they greet democrats for that is what women have become under liberal social engineering, some men as well liberal men to be specific.

And they claim Republicans want to turn women into Stepford Wives and Russian Hackers cost them the election. Typical liberal ignorance and stupidity in practice, they made a mess of society and turned people against them and what happened with elections is their own handiwork, they turned away from ordinary people to embrace the reprobates and degenerates so they have only themselves to blame. Frankly if they want to wear something appropriate well dunce caps with a big F would fit them quite well.

Leftists are so silly. Plus the weather has been so hot. Are they nude under the robes? They should spend summers on something men & women can support: equal right to be topless.

Why does the “The Washington Times” give these morons any publicity at all.

Who cares if eight or nine crybabies want to play dress up?

Oh come on….mocking these idiots is fun!

So true, we are not making fools of liberals, they done enough of that already we are just exposing them for what they are.

Nothing wrong with reporting the news so we can know what they’re doing & laugh at them.

It’s called news!

If you can’t read the book or see the film then at least read the synopsis of the novel – even though written thirty years ago it is alarmingly pertinent to day, and VP Pence!


Really. You’re stupid enough to buy into this crap?

Morris has proven, over time, to be stupid enough to buy almost anything.

back again?? and here I thought that after your swim in the Thames you would somehow have gotten some sanity … nope, wrong again … no sanity from loser morris

The book was not pertinent when it came out nor is it today. It is an overwrought fantasy written by a woman who apparently suffers from anti-Christian hysteria.

The ugly one with the hairy face, looks like your mother troll …

Could it be that the Washington Times in order to reach their goals (e.g., with this medium.it would be clicks) is becoming more like the Fox News Channel, an ostensibly conservative news organization. I gave up on Fox some time ago and am finding it to be rather disconcerting that lately a greater number of the writers here have come over from the dark side and brought with them their preconceived notions and biases.

Republicans proudly show their smiling faces. Democrats wear masks and disguises. Some Democrats are outlaws. These Democrats are lunatics.

ah. the red robed klan…so the circle has come full around

Protest don’t have make sense to Psychos

I wonder who told them what to think about the story; they obviously never read the book, else they’d know they are making massive idiots pf themselves. Why they act out like this is anybody’s guess, but it seems they believe if they have to pay for their own abortions, they are being denied the service. Progs aren’t known for spending their own money on their pet programs, or for taking personal responsibility up front to prevent getting pregnant. If they don’t want babies, they should get fixed, not demand to force us pay for them to have 3 or more abortions a year because they want to drop trou at anything that strolls by.

I thought it was witches conjuring up a curse in a parking lot. Lefties need to take a vacation and make a visit to reality once in a while. Get them out of power and keep them out.

As I’ve maintained for years, God must love stupid people. He mad so many of them. As pictured above. I wonder what they do for Halloween?

So these protesters align themselves with the shackled, downtrodden women of “The Handmaid’s Tale” where only a few women can conceive and bear children because of the failed policies of the society into which they are born. Do these women really want to be bound by men in a militaristic society? Sad, sad statement by these protesters. And here I thought women on the left were for freedom, rights for everyone, etc. This is what President Trump is fighting against every day – the addled brains of liberal women who cloak themselves and hide their faces. Perhaps they truly belong in a caliphate!

Leftists are weak spined, showing up with covered faces. It would seem that in most places, traveling in public with your face behind a mask is something that would land you in jail.

No one of sound mind could seriously think this comparison is valid…

I thought the book was awful and both movies they made of it quite pathetic which really shows here the pathetic ignorance of the left these days.

I read the book and saw one film, I wasn’t aware of another film, though. It was strange, the story I mean, but fell in with other such ‘future tales’, it seemed to be trying for erotic, to mask the creepiness. In my mind I filed it with Soylent Green and Fahrenheit 451, both of which we are seeing in the world today to varying degrees. But this story, isn’t at all what these idiots are “thinking”, but that just goes to prove progs have no clue, they just react when told. I doubt any saw even the movie, and am sure they never read the book, why would they, they are adverse to learning anything, at least, anything that doesn’t profit them personally in some way.

Which film did you see?, there is the current one and the earlier one starring Robert Duval (not one of his better works). I thought the book was just plain ignorant anti-Christian and anti-male taking the story of Abraham with Hagar in bad twist.

I saw a much earlier one, don’t remember who was in it, but it was just weird, yet still on the line of the two I mentioned in my previous post.

Wasn’t Duval in THX1138, Lucas’ first film? He was busy.

A wasted protest. The Dammed will follow the Devil right into Hell, singing “Onward Christian Soldiers” along the way.

Hey small brains, there is nothing dystopian about this…Visit the ME if you want to see it in action…I know, its Islam not the Christian boogeymen you keep worrying about that never come….This isn’t 1600’s MA.

Wear a Burqa – then someone might take you seriously if you want to defend ‘Women’s Rights”.

Ladies, acting stupid and ignorant is no way to go through life.

The Red KKK

The Lemming Left should be offered laughing gas; may as well keep them happy while they take that dive.

Ha Ha Ha! I bet they’re hot as H__ under there ?

Pence is currently prostrated at the feet of Charles Koch, paying homage like a good servant should.

We are doomed in this country. Nothing, short of mass, continued protests, will grant us relief from the GOP. They hold majority in both Houses and they will never move against Trump or Pence. They are their tools to enact legislation that they are beholden to provide their benefactors, including the Health Insurers who have “donated” more than four billion dollars to GOP coffers in 2016.

Thanks to Citizens United, not only are corporations and billionaires allowed to donate as much as they want to any politician, they are allowed to remain anonymous, with no accountability. We are owned. The .01% own us. The greedy corporations own us. Robert & Rebekah Mercer own us. Sheldon Adelson owns us. Russian owns us. The GOP own us.

We are a vast majority of serfs in service to a tiny minority of entitled megalomaniacs that are devoid of conscience and are in no danger of being forced to stand down.

I used to think the majority would rise up and resist. Now I realize: We are owned and there is no consensus to right the wrongs being foisted on us by a traitorous and partisan Senate and House.

In one short election cycle, I went from staunchly proud American to ashamed and hopeless peasant.

Dear Not 1:
I’m sorry that you are so traumatized. The Canadian border is just up north. I’ll send you a map if you need one.

Don’t you dare… We have enough dimwit lefties up here

Now that Obama is gone, you can go back to being proud.

Now that Trump is president, you can torch the closet that used to house your racist self.

Lol….poor little buttsore Demtroll. Didn’t realize you don’t get a participation trophy in politics.

What I find entertaining is all these lefties who whine about the citizens United decision, and yet don’t seem to realize, the wealthy on the left use it just as extensively as anyone else.

Gee whiz, got any more talking points or did you use them all on this one post.

Spot on.
It is well known Pence puts his superstitions before the needs of women, government and Humanity.

Are you nuts? Pence is a super nice person & a public servant.

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