Facts About Greenwood Village, Colorado’s Economy

Facts About Greenwood Village, Colorado’s Economy

In this article, we will discuss Greenwood Village, Colorado. Named for Greenwood Ranch, this town became settled during the mid-1800s, a time when individuals looking for gold traveled from the east in search of this precious metal. Approximately half of a century later, Greenwood Village was known as a farming community.

Greenwood Village is not particularly large in size, as it covers 8.1 square miles of land. According to a census taken in the year 2010, there is a population of just under 14,000 people. It was estimated that within the year of 2015, there would be over 15,000 individuals living in the Greenwood Village area.

Despite the low number of residents living in Greenwood Village, Colorado, the town’s population is considered to be financially well off. During the year of 2000, households living in this area, in general, brought home just under $146,000 per year. Less than two percent of residents were under the poverty line, and Greenwood Village as a whole was ranked, on a list of places within the United States with the highest income, number 31.

According to a report made in the year 2011, the top employers of Greenwood Village, Colorado, included FASCore, Cigna, and Comcast. At FASCore and Cigna alone, there were between 1000 and 1500 individuals employed at that time.

In conclusion, nestled in an area of Colorado that is equally as beautiful as the rest of the state lies Greenwood Village. Greenwood Village is a prosperous town, even if it is small in size and population, but it is a town with charm and grace. If you have never visited this area, we highly recommend that you make a trip to see it. You can enjoy the mountains, and visit with the cheerful residents of Greenwood Village.