Best Places To Get Wine When You Visit Greenwood Village In Colorado

Best Places To Get Wine When You Visit Greenwood Village In Colorado

Whenever you travel to a vacation destination, one of the most important aspects of that trip will be the places that you can eat out. It’s always nice to have access to find food, not to mention beverages such as wine, beer, and hard liquor. Here are some of the places that you can dine at in Greenwood Village that you will absolutely enjoy. These are great destinations that will provide you with an excellent time, plus fantastic wine and spirits every time you go.


This is a location that is designed for people that would like to try some of the best one available. Most of the reviews state that it has virtually everything that you can hope for, and that is definitely true. It does not have an ordinary wine list as you would find that many of the other wineries in the area. You can also take the two hour tasting tour, and although you will have to bring your own finger foods or appetizers, it is an absolutely wonderful atmosphere.

Bouzy Wine & Spirits

Another place that you can visit if you want to get access to the best wine and spirits, Bouzy Wine & Spirits is the place to be. Best of all, is directly adjacent to the Pancake House, which means you can have a great meal and head over for some wine tasting. There are many unexpected ones that are available, and though they might be a little bit expensive, they are well worth every dime. If you would like to experience something that is unique, you definitely need to go to this location at least once.

Now that you know where to go in Greenwood Village when you visit Colorado for the best wine and spirits, you will have a great time after having a fantastic dinner. These places are destinations that those that enjoy wine often frequent whenever they are in the area.